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"I made the mistake of calling a huge law firm that I saw an ad for when I first needed to apply. They wasted almost a year keeping me in the dark about what was going on. I never even got to talk to a lawyer. Then I hired a real professional Ken. He worked on my case with me one-on-one and got my approval."

Deborah R.
Weatherford, Texas


Facts About Social Security Disability

Trying to navigate the Social Security disability system can seem overwhelming. One false step and your claim can be denied. Ken Popkess is an attorney who welcomes your questions about your claim and always gives a free and honest assessment to anyone who calls.

Read the facts below and contact Ken today for a free consultation.

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Fact #1: You must be disabled as defined by the Social Security Administration to receive benefits.
Fact #2: Your age, work history and medical history are all determining factors in your disability claim.
Fact #3 - Hiring an attorney to represent you increases your chances of receiving benefits.
Fact #4 - Filling out the application forms won't be enough to get you approved for benefits in most cases.
Fact #5 - You will pay the same amount for any Social Security disability attorney you hire. 
Fact #6 - Close to 2/3 of claims are denied on the initial application.
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